Casein Protein casein protein powder is the one of the best protein powders you can buy. is one of the few companies that test their protein powders according to FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations 111’s.  These are the laws the FDA has put in place to ensure the safety and quality of the protein powder that you consume.  First our  protein powder is tested for strength and identity before it is packaged.  Then the powder is packaged and mixed it an FDA inspected facility.  After it is packaged and before we release the protein to be sold, we test it AGAIN for strength, composition, and purity.  This ensures that the protein powder you buy is safe and true to label claim.

The end result is protein that is of the finest quality.  Here are the highlight of our protein.

  1. Lab tested.  Most companies rely on their contract packager to do the quality testing.  But this is not how to get the best quality.  Instead, we use a 3rd party lab analysis to ensure the quality and safety of our protein powder.
  2. Our casein protein is a micellar casein, made with using a new prism process.  Most casein protein are calcium and sodium casein which is very low quality.  We use a casein made from fresh milk
  3. Our casein is sourced from Europe, not India.
  4.  We sell is from grass fed cattle from Western Europe
  5. The taste is excellent.  Unlike many casein protein where the taste is very chalky and bad


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  • France: Micellar Casein 5 lbs (Grass fed protein)

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  • micellar casein protein powder

    France: Micellar Casein 2 lbs (Grass fed protein)

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