Supplement Research Update

One of my favorite websites is Suppversity.  They post a ton of good research.  Every couple months I go over to this site to see if they post anything that I would like to share with you.  Here are some blog posts that I have found that :

You do not need to load creatine monohydrate

This blog post by Suppversity comes to the conclusion that you do not need to load creatine.  I have spoken about this already and the makers of Creapure creatine monohydrate state on their website that you do not need to load creatine either.

creatine loading

Beet Root and inorganic nitrates are great to supplement with and quite frankly a much better choice than your common, amphetamine containing supplements.

More good news for beetroot powder, which is what our Tectanic Red Pre-Workout Supplement is made with, but better actually.  Tectanic Red contains Oxystrom, a special red spinach extract that contains a boat load more of inorganic nitrates.  Check out the latest study about beet root and inorganic nitrates.

beet root juice powder

How many grams of protein do you need?

A great question asked all the time by muscle seekers is actually how many grams of protein do you need per day and more importantly how many grams of protein do you need per meal?  Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that one needs at least 20 grams of protein per meal or higher to maximize muscle protein synthesis.  In this blog post by Suppversity they come to the conclusion that 30 grams of protein is recommended per meal.  And I would try to consume at least 3 meals per day.  And if you workout, try to have some protein during that time.  Of course, I believe a higher quality protein will result in a greater increase in anabolic condition in the body.  Something like 15 grams of Peptopro, 5 grams of silk cocoon, and 10 grams of Bio Serum one is going to be a better choice than 30 grams of pea protein.

Here’s the blog post by Suppversity.

It Does Matter How You Spread Your Protein Intake - 30% Higher 24h Protein Synthesis with 30g+ Protein per Meal - SuppVersity: … 2017-09-24 12-48-21

Don’t mix your protein with your Pepsi

Published in Science Daily, consuming soft drinks with Protein Powder is not a good idea.  For those of you that still drink soft drinks, it is time to quit.  There is not one good thing about soda and most of them contain artificial sweeteners as well.


I’ve said this numerous times over and over…free form BCAA’s are obsolete (pretty much anyway).

In another study recently published, subjects in the study consumed BCAA powder (most likely free form form) and muscle protein synthesis increased.  However the study stated this.

“Thus, whereas our data clearly show that BCAA ingestion activates cell-signaling pathways that result in increased myofibrillar muscle protein synthesis, ingestion of BCAAs alone may not be the optimal nutritional regimen to stimulate a maximal muscle protein synthesis response to resistance exercise training.”

Which means to me, that an intake of a protein powder like whey protein isolate and something like our Advanced BCAA would be a much better choice, AGAIN!

Frontiers | Branched-Chain Amino Acid Ingestion Stimulates Muscle Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis following Resistance Exercise … 2017-09-24 13-50-52

Keep cortisol in check and testosterone at it’s best with Goji berries.

You know the other day I had one of those fruit bowls.  It is blended up Acai and then they added banana’s, pineapple, and Goji berries on top.  Then ironically I read this study about Goji berries.  Eating them helps battle cortisol.  Cortisol, most of the time is bad for muscle and good for fat gains.  If you do not feel like eating Goji berries, you can try supplements like Oligonol and Deltropin 100.  Both are packed with polyphenols and I have a feeling they would do the same thing.  In addition, avoid caffeine and it increased cortisol in the body.

Polysaccharides from wolfberry prevents corticosterone-induced inhibition of sexual behavior and increases neurogenesis. - PubM… 2017-09-24 13-44-41


Yes, the growth factors from Bio Serum 1 do indeed make it through the intestinal tract.

I got an email from a customer the other day that said what’s the point of the growth factors in the Bio Serum 1 if they cannot make it through the intestinal tract?  They get destroyed by the stomach acids.

In this study, it proves that supplementation with protein powders, in this case, colostrum, will increase growth factors in the blood.  FYI Bio serum is NOT colostrum.  Bio serum 1 is a plasma protein that makes colostrum obsolete.  Bio serum has no lactose and contains about 5 X a number of growth factors that colostrum contains.

growth factors protein

muscle growth factors anabolic

If you want to create a great protein stack do something like this:

15 grams of whey isolate

10 grams of Bio Serum 1

5 grams of silk cocoon protein or Peptopro.

Nothing on the face of the earth in the supplement industry can beat the quality of this formula.  Talk about awesome!!! 🙂

Pre-Workouts With Caffeine is Bad & Here’s more evidence.

I tell people all the time to stop using pre-workout supplement with caffeine. Instead look to buy stimulant free pre-workout supplements, like my Tectanic.  They are much healthier for you and actually help you build muscle.  Unlike 99% of the pre-workout supplements out there that are just made to give you that amphetamine high which does absolutely nothing for muscle growth.  It does, however, help you gain fat and lose muscle mass.  Well here is more research on how caffeine is bad for you.  The research concludes that the consumption of caffeine will increase aging.